Connecting lines interupt

Hi Jan@cosmigo since you helped me see the error of my ways with pressure controlled 3d and since you can take that off your list.I thought I would add something that might make a little more sense.

when using a line in 3d when you add a different 3d value from what was specified at origin the next line is generated with that first origin coordinate sometimes this is exactly what you want but not always. .I find that it would be very helpful to be able to freeze that second coordinate and use the second coordinate instead of the first.

The way I could see this done is by a keystroke.when using 3d with this keystroke it goes to the value specified without it the previous value that simple.

Thank you for all and any help on this matter much appreciated

I will see what I can do. I could be a kind of toggle that uses the last delta as the first for the next operation.

thank you so much Jan@cosmigo much appriciated!