Consistent crash when adding tiles to an animated tilemap project from another tilemap project

Crashes when I rectangular pick up tiles from a tilemap project and try to add them into an animated tilemap project.

All tiles are 16x16.

In the first image here you can see I’ve used rect pick up on the three instances of tile 212 from my non-animated tilemap project. I’m using this project to draw all the static tiles. I’ve created another project to use for animating.

This second image depicts my new animated tilemap project where I’m working on animating the waterfall tiles.
I’m trying to create a static, non-animated group of tiles around the animated tiles, for context, while I work on animating the waterfall tiles, to make sure everything stays seamless and style consistent. Layers “1”, “2”, and “3” contain the 3 animated waterfall tiles which I’ll use to create a large animated waterfall texture in the game engine.
But I’ve gotten 4 crashes in a row as soon as I try to add the #212 tiles to fill the 3 blank tiles above the waterfall tiles:

As soon as I unlock “Layer 4” and click with the Paint Continuous brush tool, with the #212 tiles as my brush, PM crashes.
This is the workflow I’ve planning to use, and within the first hour of doing it I’ve encountered a showstopper bug. I wanted to ditch Photoshop for all my pixel work but I’ll need to keep using PS for animation I guess. Which sucks, because PS does everything in its power to screw your palette up sneak in alpha transparency, etc etc.

Pro Motion did successfully output backup files so I didn’t lose any progress. Tried using the bug report popup but that crashed as well.

As a test, I made a new fresh tilemap project and rect pick up tiles from it to add them to the crashing animated tilemap project and that didn’t cause a crash. May have something to do with the size of my static tilemap project file I’m plucking tiles out of. It’s quite large and has hundreds of tiles.

I can send you the project files in question, if that’ll help.

The bug report dialog crashed as well? Weird. Questions:

  1. are you using the latest version 7.2.4?
  2. When the crash popup window appears, can you at least save the bug report into a file?
    If so, can you please send it to me:
    Normally the crash dialog offers a “send” (by email directly)

Yes, please send the project files to me at so that I can make the problem happen here.


Email sent.
I’ll let you decide whether to continue this conversation in email or here in this forum. Totally up to you.
I’m hoping we can squash this bug. I’ll help in any way I can.

Problem fixed as discussed by email.

Reason for the problem:
The static tiles project has alpha plane (alpha transparency) enabled but the animated tiles has not.
The brush contained alpha transparency data but the animated tile project did not.
The tile index renderer tries to find matching tiles of the brush in the tile map to make them purple and the crash appeared there because alpha value compare does not work on tiles that have no alpha plane.
It was just a missing extra check.