Convert Tilemap projects' tile width and tile height quicker

From my POV, I understand this is a bit tricky to design, maybe.
I’m looking for a quick way to change a Tilemap projects’ tile width and height.

For example, i want to change 32x32 tiles into 16x16 tiles.

Currently, the process to change a tilemap projects’ tile width and height is:

  1. Tile Mapping > Turn into Ordinary Project
  2. Tile Mapping > Turn Project into Tile Maps…
  3. image

I was thinking, if maybe we can insert Tile Width and Tile Height in:

  1. Frame > Resize Canvas
  • image

So we don’t have to do that extra step of converting the tile map project into an ordinary project first, before converting it back into the tile width and tile height we want.

PMNG v8.b9

Indeed very tricky. I think the resize dialog is not the right place, but a new function could be added that requests the new tile size and then under the hood just does what you do manually?

You’re right, it should be a new function somewhere. Come to think of it now, adding it to the resize dialog seems to add info clutter.

File > Project settings feels more appropriate, but i’m not sure.


Menu Tile Mapping/Settings… would be my favorite. At the moment changing the tile size is not possible there. But this could be enabled and would then apply the change.

Ah, haven’t even thought of that location. Even better!