Copy all layers from a frame

Hello all,

I have a project with multiple frames across multiple layers.
I would like to copy frames, say 1,2 & 3 in reverse order at the end of my animation, so 3, 2, 1, while also retaining my layers composition.

I am aware that the Edit menu allows to copy and paste multiple frames at once, but it only does so for the current layer, not all visible ones.
Also you can grab visible layers with the anim brush but you end up flattening your layers which I don’t want.

Is there a tool I don’t know about that might help ?
Thanks in advance.

Also Jan, in what I do I could use this feature to it is nessasary to pick up a multi-layered brush and not flatten it also useful for animbrushes. so he’s not the only one.
Thank you for any help.

Hi @Nikuichi,

to copy all frames please use the time line. In your case:
Click on frame 1
Hold shift and click frame 3. Now you have frames 1-3 selected (marked blue).
Click on one of the three selected frames with the right mouse button and drag it to where you want to have the copies and release the button. Now you have the target frames (copies) still selected.
Click with the right mouse button on these frames (and release) to open the context menu.
Use “reverse frames”. Now their order is reverse.


Thank you very much Jan, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Also, @Morintari has a good point.

I’m afraid that multi layered AnimBrushes would have lots of side effects to address. I’d rather include a better time line where you can select more exactly what you want to move.

multi layered animbrushes won’t be nessary once brushes and animbrushes are stereo