Copy and multiple paste

I have found when you use the selection tool and select an object then select the layer intended, and press (ctrl c)copy then (ctrl V) paste it works the first time but will not work multiple times. is this intended? I would think that it would work multiple times until you are done with your selection. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you explain the steps in more detail? Just played around with copy/paste and did not find an issue.

step 1. make a canvas with multiple frames let’s use 8 for example
step 2 draw anything on frame 1
step 3. select by using the selection tools
step 4. (ctrl+c) copy
step 5 advance a frame
step 6.(ctrl+v)paste
step 7 advance a frame
step 8.(ctrl+v)paste
now you will see when you paste it will go back to the frame you copied from but it will not place dowh the new graphic

Please Jan.cosmigo fix this soon any help is greatly appriciated thank you.

Yes, indeed. This is not wanted. Will check and fix.

Fixed with V8 beta 10

Just another way your way better than your competition thanks Jan.cosmigo!