Copy layer, paste to another project file

Basically, the duplicate layer. But to another project file, not the same one.

The workaround is to capture everything into a brush and stamp that to the other project file. That is fine with a single frame image/canvas but a little tasky if there are multiple frames. Because you have to rebuild all those frames in the other project file.

There is the workaround of copy pasting the project file and just delete all the unusable layers after opening it. But that only works if we’re creating the file from scratch.

The problem starts when the other project file is already built and has content and you just want to insert another layer from another project.

So the ultimate workaround or rather, workflow in PMNG is: in the other project file,

  1. create a new layer >
  2. open layer effect settings >
  3. select ‘display other project’ >
  4. ‘add’ >
  5. select ‘project to display’ >
  6. select layer >
  7. Toggle ‘render on flattening’ on >
  8. Change other preferred applicable settings >
  9. ‘Ok’ >
  10. rebuild/create all missing frames >
  11. right click selected layer >
  12. select ‘flatten effects’. >
  13. tailor edit the layer for the project.

I mean, if we have copy paste layers, it would be down to only these steps:

  1. copy layer
  2. select other project
  3. paste layer
  4. tailor edit the layer for the project.

Would be really useful for animation effect templates and the like.

I understand since a viable existing solution already exists, this will probably be low in the priority wish list. But i just wanted to put it out there.


Copy layers please use the functions “Cop/cut Frames” and “Paste/insert Frames” in menu “Edit”. This should do the job.

Also you can pick up multiple frames as Animated Brush (AnimBrush) by holding Alt key when you pick up the brush. Hit A to enter the number of frames that you want to pick up.
Stamp an Animated Brush over frames on another layer or project by using the single dot tool, hold Alt + Ctrl and stamp it down.