Could you make "did you know" (tips) window non-modal?

I feel like it would be cool to be able to browse these tips while drawing by having it to be non-modal as they’re contain useful info that may not immediately click with the creator, but if he or she is drawing while casually browsing the tips (or the other way around), he or she may just come across certain tip just when he or she needs it.

Indeed there are better ways than a modal window at startup. Also the tips are not complete. Most new features are not mentioned at all.
ATM the tips are also listed in the help docs:
I bet, some of them don’t match fully today.

I know, but having tips window that you can make to stay on top vs. alt-tabbing to the help window… the first is more convenient. Also I can’t see any menu item or button to open the tips window back after I close it without restarting the program. Putting such item under Help would be intuitive.