Crash when picking an alpha value from the palette -

Hi Jan,
I am working with an artist which uses Photoshop and provides me with PNG files; 24bit RGB with 8bit Alpha. I am importing them by Load image… and then choosing reduction through nearest color, 256 colors of the current palette (PM’s default one). Pro Motion then correctly detects the few colors used and then I start experiencing all sort of issues while drawing.
I have no clue on whether these files from Photoshop are ill-formed or if it’s something that has to do with Pro Motion importing them. I believe that, whatever the problem is, confuses Pro Motion’s inner workings and results in it misbehaving.
The issues are multiple but all related to the palette and expecially with alpha blending. Some times it happens that I select a color with the pipette from the image and it paints black or transparent instead of the chosen color. Other times it happens that, by picking a color from the palette for drawing, all pixels of the image suddenly become black other than those which are transparent. I have also seen that using Select Non Transparent Pixels and then copying from one layer to another makes all pasted pixels one single color instead of pasting the copied ones.
Today Pro Motion crashed and at least this issue can be replicated consistently by opening a given pmp file I have saved, selecting Edit Alpha Only and then clicking in the color palette window. When doing so the crash report shows an EInvalidOperation exception with message “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.” although the alpha palette is there and visible as usual. I have saved the crash report to send it over via e.mail, but I believe this to be just a consequence and not the root cause.

The assets I am working on are under NDA so I can’t send them over to you for inspection.

Any help on how to further narrow down the issue would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot :blush:

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Hi @Karoshier

sorry for the late reply.
I can duplicate the crash. Will fix by end of next week.
The other problems are hard to pin down. I would need some more straight forward steps that lead to the problems often enough (if not always).
Maybe you can make this happen with some none NDA art? This would be great!
Some thing that is bad when loading true color PNG files with alpha is that PM uses the same white index for transparent and opaque pixels (if there are opaque white ones). Will fix that, too.


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fixed with pending maintenance update (7.2.6)