Create text window: Text preview size is independent from set font size (implemented as of V8.beta5)

It’s a real struggle to see what we’re typing when working with small font sizes.
Even if the size is perfect in the canvas.

Can we keep it at a nice, readable, decent size? Or let us set it to a preferred size?

Attached is a snippet of how i usually struggle with creating text.

fun fact: I didn’t even realize at first i had a typo. My struggle in the gif was 100% unintentional and un-staged. I originally only intended to show how working with small font sizes is hard on the eyes. But then this happened, which portrays the point even better! LOL


PMNG ver

P.S. I went back to using the stable version because i needed the right-click with the grab brush tool behavior to work in a tilemap project. So i don’t know if my suggestion above is already the behavior in beta ver. If it is, pls disregard.

In the gif; in case you don’t see anything wrong with the size and it’s all nice and readable to you, it might be the difference between our monitor sizes. I’m still working with 1080p monitors. :v:

With V8 Beta 5:

Limits to a minimum of 10px

That looks great, Jan! Excited about it already! Thank you so much!