Creating a color pallete using copy and paste (BUG) Solved

from copying and pasting from a non global color palate I haven’t found a way to add more than 33 colors to a color palate. I could really use some help with this. so far what I’ve done is I’ve made a document where each frame has a different color palate now keep in mind that each color palate is small and I want to make a master color palate that has all of the colors so I can make an animation and use just one global palate.

To find the bug

  1. create a document with 2 layers and at least one non global palliate

2.create the second frame with a totally different palliate select linear selection on the color palliate while on edit mode ctrl C

5.go to the first frame and press ctrl V if you do that enough times and have 33 colors it will start to replace colors that you already have

. Please help any help is greatly appreciated.

I just played around with that a bit but could not find a problem.
Would it be possible to create a video of that problem?
Ideally a video where also mouse clicks and key strokes are visually recorded.
I suggest Captura for this. It’s discontinued but works and is great. It records key strokes and mouse clicks visually if these options are enabled:


Hello Jan.cosmigo sorry for the late reply. I have a short video that unfortunately omits the PMNG interface but you made the program so you will recognize it anyway.

Anyway as you can see the video starts with one graphic of a very small palate. The video then switches to another image with a totally different palate. from there the video has the user select the colors from the new palate and copy them over to the first palate on the previous file. However once pasted you can see that the first image refuses to add the new colors instead it replaces the palate. That’s when the first image gets ugly.Jan.cosmigo I think the problem is that the images came from a downloaded source and I think they were originally .gif and .png’ at any rate they do not work and I really need them to. please fix soon so I can work on my project thank you in advance,

Hi @Morintari ,

when you paste with Ctrl + V then the colors are contained in a floating selection and you can move the around and place it where you want them to be. But when you leave the window then the colors are finally placed.


That worked like a charm thanks Jan.cosmigo!