Creating an animation from select frames

Does anyone know if it is possible to easily create a PNG file out of select frames? Say I only want the last 16 frames, is the only way to manage this by creating a whole new project and copying over the frames or can I just select the frames that I want and create a sprite sheet out of them?


Welcome @DAI,

select the frames on the timeline.Use Brush/AnimBrush/Grab Frame Selection.
Then save the Brush using Brush/Save.
Selecting the frame range directly while saving is prepared (see dialog when using File/Save Animation), but not yet working. Should be available soon.


The upcoming maintenance release now has frame range selection active when storing animations:
It will automatically use a range selection from the time line if enabled.

Jan@cosmigo just wondering once you include the multi track animation for layers, could you add an option to export just selected tracks? So you would have full selection vertically by tracks and or horizontally by range.

At the moment there is no multi layer (track) selection, but this is one of the open tasks. By now you can only say “current”, “visible”, “all”.