Creating an animation with previously created background


I am interested on creating an animated sprite of for example size 16x16. I would like to have a background generated from tiles of size 16x16 I have created. I wonder how is the most efficient way to do this? I mean to be able to create the animated sprite of 16 x 16 with a background that had been previously created by tiles?

Is there a way that I can have a background of higher resolution than the sprite?


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the easiest approach would be to just display the background project within the sprite animation, but this will require you to at first let the sprite use a larger canvas than you would use at the end, e.g. 320x200 instead of 16x16. When you have both projects opened (sprite and background) then go to the sprite project and click on the FX-button of the lowest layer. There you can add layer effects. Add the effect called “display other project”. Select the background project there and set the position coordinates as required. (Hit F1 for further help.)

Now you can draw your sprite animation in the sprite project and it will display the background project as well. When done you can crop the sprite to it’s true size (like 16x16) and remove the effect.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jan, The effect “display other project” is awesome!