Creating gradation on color pallet

Hi, I’m Steam version user of MG and so far it was great tool over all.
But I’m having little technical difficulty managing my color pallets.

Questions is, is it possible to create gradient color selecting one color on left, other color on right.
Normally, I don’t have difficulty doing this in EDGE or ASPRITE but somehow in this tool, its kinda hard to manage doing so.
So, yeah, if you guys could guide me about this, that would be great.
I just hoping that going ol’school is only way like you have to creating gradation by picking color manually.

Welcome to the forum. I hope I am able to help. Please look at the illustration below. The first step is go to the color pallete icon (the one in bright yellow) This will allow you to manipulate the pallete. There are tons of nice features in this tab. Next go to select color icon (the one in green) Select the first color and then select the last color by holding down the ctrl key. Lastly press the ramp rgb icon this should take the two selected colors and make a gradient ramp out of them. I hope I’ve helped you. Also ProMotion NG has alot of features that no other program has for example you can actually draw in full color 3-D no joke go ahead and take a look at that awesome feature while your at it!


@Grayrabbit, the latest update to PMNG contains many new features to create palette gradients using different color spaces:

Single color editor reworked:

– RGB square, RGB/RYB/LCh color wheels and edits
– Color harmonies and scales
– individual scale editor to easily create color ramps
– screen color picker

Thanks Morintari and Tajmone.
I’m kinda busy dealing with life right now but I did learn how make Gradiation with said instruction.
Thank you again.

Anytime, thanks for the thankful response.