"Creative Tab" for connected projects

Hello there,

When you link alot of projects together, you get tons of tiles. Sometimes you want to build a fast map in Pro Motion just to see if the tiles work well with one another. What pains me is, that I usually have to turn of Sync-mode, otherwise I create tons of not needed tiles. And the moment I turn it on again, it also creates these not needed tiles, unless I have removed them before.

So my suggestion is: When you create a tileset project, you can activate the option to also create a second tab called “Creative Tab”. In this tab, sync-mode is always deactivated. You can place tiles freely, can create layers and get more options to be creative in this tab. No new tiles will be created here, no matter what.

This would help me alot to figure out if some tiles work well together or if I need to make adjustments.


I’m not sure if I understood it correctly. Basically I have no problem in optionally decoupling connected projects concerning the “Sync Mode”, so that you can switch it on for projects that always want and should be in sync wile leaving others untouched.

But I don’t understand why you need to switch the sync mode of to see if existing tiles look good when joined with others. Wouldn’t it be possible to use layers and thus keep the tiles as they are instead of drawing the tiles on top of each other on a single layer with sync mode off.
I guess I miss something.


Well, I should have mentioned, like in the other thread, that I’m not simply using tiles to create certain objects. I create my trees with the Kynseed system (Kynseed, For this, I need absolute freedom on where to place my objects like the video. And if I place my tiles/brushes on different locations, Pro Motion will recognize these tiles as “new tiles” and creates these new tiles once I activate Sync-Mode.

Different location means that a tile is not placed where a tile starts but offset to some pixels? Did not watch the video, but should do so, I guess.

Yes, that’s what it means. It would be cool to have creative tab in a project that lets me freely place tiles/objects with different offsets. On top of that, it would be cool to have an option, similiar to the Knyseed tree creater, that creates the new layer for each object I have placed, letting me rearrange the object like I want. This would help in creating modular PixelArt. :slight_smile:

I guess you don’t use the tiles in a game, do you? If you do, does the game engine support placing tiles at “offset” positions or how do you use the tiles in the game?

Our engine will have a similiar editor like the one from Kynseed. There, you can create a tree from many different tree parts and save this tree as a placeable object in a tilebased map. But it would be cool to have such a feature inside of promotion, because I believe that future PixelArt will use modular works more often. :slight_smile:

I believe the future of Pixel Art will be 3-D!

That’s true if you look at a game like Dead Cells. The characters were made in 3D and then converted as PixelArt grafics. This resulted in smooth PixelArt animations with many frames. :slight_smile:

Using 3d objects and translating them into pixel art is not what I ment.

Well, then explain what you meant.

Would love to…Imagine drawing in true 3-D space. Not just X axis and Y axis as you so often commonly see. Imagine drawing in the Z axis Smoothly, beautifully in full color. Imagine 3-D animations 3-D tools and one day 3-D brushes. This is the only program on the market that lets you dabble into the world of 3-D! Yet so few enjoy it its’ the third dimention for a reason. We live in a 3-D world let’s draw in 3-D if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask how you can become part of that world!