Crop image to selection

Is there any way to crop an image to a selection? I have a series of animations, which I need to crop and then save as a sprite sheets.

Use the crop tool that you can find in the toolbox:

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Haha, how could I miss that :wink: Thank you!

ACTUALLY . . . you know what? That could be very useful in PMNG - to be able to quickly and easily crop down to the current selection.
And Photoshop has had this feature for many years - document can be cropped down to the extents of the current selection at any time. It’s one of those nice little intuitive workflow features that you stop noticing you’re even using after a while, you just do it.
In PMNG I’ve been missing this. Really glad Pindarm brought it up.

So let’s say a user if drawing several decorative set pieces for his game in the same project file (which I do quite often).
-CTRL+Lclick the layer’s visibility icon in the Layers Panel to get the selection.
-Then crop to this selection. Either by switching to the Crop Tool and clicking once on the canvas to auto-crop, or maybe a new option in the main menu: Edit>Crop to Selection

Currently we need to use the Crop Tool to drag out a box to tell PMNG how to crop.
BTW, when I do so the current selection gets strangely offset:

Anyway, now that you’ve cropped, you can easily export your asset then UNDO to get rid of the cropping, and keep drawing.

TL;DR - Adding a command to the Edit menu to crop to the current selection (bound to a custom keyboard shortcut) would be very useful and save time.

C’mon Jan, you’re not busy right? haHa

I could use this as well in my workflow.

Added to my list.

I’m totally bored :slight_smile:
The function is quite simple to add, so it could be done with a maintenance release. Before 7.3 there should be another one. I will also fix the problem that crop misses to also crop the selection :roll_eyes: