Current frame greyed out

in the brush/animbrush settings/current frame. The “current frame” setting is greyed out. This is the setting that allows you to pick an animbrush from an existing animation. Without this setting a user is forced to start a new file to animate instead of using an existing file. Please fix this any help is greatly apricated!

The “current frame” defines at which frame you are within an active AnimBrush. If you don’t have an AnimBrush then you only have one frame and in that case it’s deactivated.

To pick an AnimBrush with a certain number of frames either select the frames on the time line and hold Alt when grabbing the Brush or use the “Frames to Grab” settings in the dialog above or the corresponding field in the brush grab tool settings…

and hold Alt when grabbing a brush.

Thank you Jan@cosmigo I really apricate it!