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Curve Tool + dot every nth = bad result


@jan.cosmigo I believe there’s a bug in the calculations used to plot out brushes along a curve.

Watch the ends of the curve as I drag the cursor around. There’s extra copies being drawn where I certainly don’t intend for them to be.

Straight lines are fine, but once the line gets curved then the placement of each brush stamp gets a little funky on the ends.

Personally I’m not in the habit of using this tool regularly but it would seem that when using the curve tool with “Dot every Nth Pixel” (in Tool & Paint Settings) the spacing of each brush stamp ought to be constant no matter what, yet instead, what PMNG does is determine brush stamp density according to the curve tightness . . . basically.

Here’s what I mean -

My goal here is stamping down this spiky star brush along a perfect smooth bezier curve and each brush instance be spaced apart the same distance. (Imagine iron rivets on some metal paneling or something like that. Each rivet evenly spaced.)
I don’t think I can accomplish that with the curve tool, yet it seems like I should be able to.
So the way I do it now is with the paint dotted tool - but I have to draw the stroke manually with my mouse/stylus, thus I lose the mechanical precision that the curve tool offers.

Is the curve tool with dot every nth working as intended?
If so, might an additional spacing method be added to accomplish the goal depicted in my second GIF above?

Paint.net-like curve/line tool? (and some other things)

So i tried it too. And i just remembered why i didn’t use this tool.

When instantiating the line, it looks like the repeat instances is gravitated towards the cursor upon release of the LMB.
But while moving the cursor to adjust the curve, the instances are gravitated towards the end point.

‘Dot every Nth Pixel’

  • is just totally bugged.

‘N total Dots’

  • i think this behavior is valid for a couple of intended effects.
  • Additional sub-feature suggestion:
    • evenly spaced out instances while adjusting the curve.
    • ends of the curve are more weighted than the center point
    • reverse of the previous bullet point
    • i think i could go on for a couple more pattern suggestions here, but i think the 1st item in this sub-bullet point is the most common use case for wanting to use the tool.

Additionally, the end point moves a couple of pixels horizontally while trying to adjust the curve. That might be a different bug on it’s own?


With 7.3 I re-coded all tools (and I’m still on it). Will have a look at this problem with 7.3.