• jan@cosmigo.com

Cut & Paste help

I understand a selection tool is on the way. But I am trying to figure out how to use the brush selection tool but have it cut what I select. I just want to be able to easily pick up a selection and move it. Right now it only copies so I have to go through the process of deleting it after I have copied it. I have been watching the videos and searching comments but can’t find anything. Sorry if its somewhere obvious and thanks ahead of time for any help.


Maybe try using the Ctrl+X shortcut aka the default cut function used in other programs?

I have tried that, I appreciate the recommendation though. It didn’t work with the brush selection tool. Are you familiar with another way to cut selection with ctrl+x?

Waddup, @conley107.
To cut stuff, just use right mouse instead of left mouse, with a brush pick-up tool.

This will “pick up” what you selected and leave your current transparency color in its place, effectively erasing it at the same time you pick it up.

Set your layers’ transparency color via Edit Layer Properties dialogue (double-click layer) OR just use the transparency icon (grey checkerboard) at the top of Layers panel to set all layers’ transparency color at the same time.
(I recommend reserving the 255th palette slot for transparency and never changing it.)

That’s exactly what I was looking for! thank you so much!