Cutting drawn pixels with the grab brush tool doesn't work (solved for v8.b5)

Project type: tilemap
modify/create tiles
Sync mode: off

Right click select with the grab brush tool is supposed to cut & grab the pixels drawn in the canvas.

In an ordinary project, it’s working as expected with all the combinations of modes, checkboxes ticked, and tools so far. But in a tilemap project where sync mode is turned off while modifying/creating tiles, it doesn’t.

In the demo, the 1st grab is from a left click. The 2nd grab is from a right click. The 2nd grab behaved like a left click grab.
grab brush right click in tilemap project not cutting

I couldn’t remember, but was this it’s behavior in PMNG 7 too? I’m not sure but i don’t think it was?

beta ver.

Thanks for the report.

Fixed with V8 Beta 5.

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