Cycling through AnimBrush without moving?

I can only seem to get the AnimBrush to cycle through its frames if I move the mouse around while holding ALT. Is there any way I can cycle through the AnimBrush in multiple frames while retaining the position of my mouse? I’m trying to animate a star and place it in a lot of different places.

Please use the keys 7 and 8 to navigate through AnimBrush frames manually, or if you want to stamp it down over frames then hold Alt + Ctrl (first hold Alt and then also Hold Ctrl) and click on the position. This will place every brush frame to the canvas frames one after another.

So, if you want the star to animate differently then you should use 7/8 to select a different frame within the AnimBrush before stamping it down at another place.

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Thank you so much! You’re very quick to respond and I’m glad to see a developer who’s really involved in the community around his work.