Default Brush Library

It would be nice if Pro Motion came with a default global brush container of generally useful brushes.

New (or lazy, like me) users can start using the existing brushes without needing to set anything up or to know anything about how Pro Motion’s brush system works. Would provide an easier introduction to the brush system. Most other image editors provide a default brush library.

Would show up on the global tab of all projects.
Can still be replaced with user’s custom global brush container.
Default global brush container can be easily restored to original after user changes.
Automatically save user changes to a default global brush container file, so the user doesn’t need to explicitly create one.

Which brushes would you suggest?

For starters could go with the brushes from DPaint and GrafX2 that are missing from the builtins.

Further, generally useful stuff like slants, bars, bristles, foliage, rock, etc.

If brushes could be used separately as patterns (stoke using Brush Pattern fill mode) then there’s a whole heap of patterns that could be added too like the sieve patterns in DPaint and GrafX2. Could also be used as source for custom dither patterns.


Please Jan, also have the option of not using any default brushes because i always create my own.

You probably would be able to clear out the brush container if you’re so inclined.

Tell you what, how about someone would make a shared folder on Dropbox with a brush container file, then people could add their own brushes, re-save it and it would serve as a community brush library?