Display other project does not match

Originally posted this as a bug report. Then found out it was just user error.
Sharing my story here and the lesson i learned for future users that might encounter this too.

The issue:

  • There is a discrepancy between the displayed project in the layer and the state of the project we are displaying.

What I’ve tried

  • restarting PMNG
  • renamed the project file to something else, then loaded that file to PMNG. Then, created another new file that will display this renamed project file.
  • restarted PC

What turns out to be the cause:

  • i accidentally created another frame. So what i thought was the current state of the project was in frame 2.
  • In the other project, what was being displayed was frame 1 all along.
  • If we wanna keep the previous frame as well but still display the new frame, there is a setting for that in the window