Does Promotion NG work with Unreal Engine 4?

Hi, please excuse me if this question has been answered elsewhere already, but I cannot find the answer on these forums or UE4 forums. But, can this, promotion NG pixel art tool, be used with unreal engine 4? I do understand that UE4 uses the FBX pipeline for import/export, I’m just checking if I’m missing anything.
Also, if the two aforementioned programs are incompatible with one and other, then which game engines do you people reckon are the best to use alongside promotion NG and why? And what coding language are you people using for your pro motion NG creations? :grin::sunglasses:

Yes you can use Pro motion NG with UE4, no need to use FBX. Here is a link to the UE4 2d engine:

The two big game engines are Unity and UE4 however there are lots of other engines that are free or dedicated to 2D. Unity and UE4 are 3D engines with the ability to do 2D but it is not there main focus.

There are lots of reasons to choose a certain game engine over another but the simplest will be your skill level and export platform. Most of the game engines have free or demo versions to download. Once you’ve given a few of them a try you’ll know pretty quickly what you like and what you don’t. If you’re using sprites you can either animate them in Pro Motion NG or cut them up into layers and animate them using bones with programs like Spine2D or Spriter.

If you an artist and not a programmer try something like GDevelop, Construct3, Gamemaker Studio 2 or Gamesalad.

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