Don't put focus on layer transparency

When I click on a layer, just to lock it, hide/show or just to select it, the focus goes automatically to the layer transparency field. If I then use the 1-2 keys to move between different frames I instead change the layer’s transparency, so I have to delete the changes and then click on the main window. This has become a pain when creating animations as it’s constantly disrupting my flow. I don’t think it worked like this in previous versions.
Also, sometimes it’s happened that I entered a value which was too big while trying to move around the frames and it resulted in the program crashing (fortunately the emergency crash system works great and nothing has been lost so far).

It would be great to be able to click on the layers while being able to use the frame navigation shortcuts.

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Indeed, this is a bad glitch. The window automatically re-activates the input field that was used before leaving the window. At least this is how it behaves here. If I start the program and don’t click into the transparency edit field then it won’t be activated when I leave the window and then click on layer control icons such as lock. When I click into the transparency edit field, leave the window and then click lock, the input field automatically receives the focus again which will make the 1/2 keys to be used to enter numbers.
Until this is fixed please activate the blend mode selection box. Then this will receive the focus but this does not hurt concerning the number keys.
If it crashes again then please send the bug report. I could not duplicate it but if you sent me the report then I can check where it crashes. Additionally I will make the field not accepting wrong values.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I´ll try it that workaround and if I get another crash I´ll make sure to send the report.