Draw on multiple frames

Newbie question: how do I draw on multiple frames using the line tool, paint dotted tool or paint tool? I know I can cut and paste things from one frame to another but it seems a long workaround. I would have imagined you just select the frames you want to paint on using shift and start painting?

You know Jan@cosmigo is there a way to do this? If not would you consider a new layer type “delta static layer” or something like that? how it could work is when selected it could have a input field that allows the user to put in a starting point and an ending point and it would act as a static layer for only those frames. also it could also have a fade amount so the layer could fade out as well.

Hi @0xNoodles,

drawing over multiple frames is not fully supported, yet.
You can just stamp a brush (single dot) onto the frames that are selected. This works with the paint tool & paint dotted tool.
Make sure that the option “Stamp AnimBrush” is enabled and hold Ctrl + Alt when placing the dot.
This function is of course meant to stamp larger portions, not single pixels.


This is what’s confusing for me, stamp brush using CTRL + ALT does not work for me (its doesnt draw at all)

You are sure that you selected several frames ôn the timeline and you also made sure that “Stamp AnimBrush” option is enabled for the tool?

Thanks Jan, seems to be working now after a restart

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