• jan@cosmigo.com

Easy to remember brush grip keyboard shortcuts


I’ve been spamming the forum like a fiend lately so figured maybe I should share some helpful stuff to offset the spam, so here’s one - (wait, is this just more spam??eeeeeee)

The commands in Brush > Grip you don’t use very often, but when you need to use them you just want to hit the right one and go about your way. But I like to try a few of them to see which one works best in each case sometimes, yet they’re kinda buried in the menus so annoying to access.
(The brush grip commands change how a sampled brush is docked to your cursor, to help you stamp it down as needed; only really helpful when the sampled brush is really big)

So I thought it made a lot of sense to use keys already arranged in kind of a block, so you’d associate which key goes to which command easily -

See what I mean, jellybean?
Yeah this keyboard layout is getting pretty old school; some might not even have all these keys anymore. But the general idea remains.

(SHIFT+CTRL+ALT since rarely used and will probably never want the shortcut for anything else.)