Enlarging selection to full screen

In PMNG when you need to magnify your work to work on it closer I have found that it jumps from 1x1 to 2x1 to3x1 and so on. So enlarging a canvas to the full screen of your working room would be very useful. but it’s cumbersome in PMNG.I think it could best be done by making a square selection then going to the view menu and selecting enlarge to selection or something like that? That way you could easily max out your entire space! Any help is greatly appreciated.

I already have my zooming workflow down and am happy with it already, but this is actually a great idea. Would be nice to have in the future.

Maybe I got you wrong, but isn’t this what the Zoom Tool (M) is doing? You select the area you want to zoom to and it increases the zoom value and centers that area on the canvas.

I’m sorry to waste your time I wasn’t familiar with this tool.

If we only want to zoom a square selection in the canvas, the zoom tool will zoom into the selected area as long as Relative Zoom is toggled off.

I was thinking the suggestion would be useful if we’re selecting something via the freeform select tool where the selection tends to be polygonal.
Idk what i was thinking then, but i realize now - the viewport and screen is square anyway, why would it do a better zoom with polygonal selections if this was included?
:sweat_smile: My bad, my bad. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, the way i understand the OP, Jan is right. The zoom tool can do exactly what the suggested feature will do, even better because there’s less steps.