Error in the start menu

I don’t know if this was previously reported but when you start Pro Motion NG beta 11 the news menu looks like this

Hi @toto,

can’t duplicate this. What operating system are you using?

You should find a file like
c:\Users<your-user-name>\Documents\Pro Motion NG - V8 - beta.settings\news.rtf

What happens when you open it (double click)?


Hi Jan i am using Windows 10 Home 20H2 and I can also report that this bug occurs in the stable version.
When I double click on that file it opens it in Microsoft word and it looks like this

Hi @toto,

that means that your Windows either has lost the capability to display RTF files (which is a Windows standard file format for displaying formatted text and images etc.) or the file is corrupt so that it can’t be displayed (but the encoded data looks fine).
What happens when you download the file from here:


Hi @jan.cosmigo i cant download the file from the link you send. :sob:

What happens if you try to download it? I can download it without problems.

it send me to

I guess that you used https instead of http.
This would return you to the site root. But I wonder how that happens when you just click on the link.
Anyway, please try the https-alternative:

Hi @jan.cosmigo sorry for the delay in the response i was in vacations.
I download the file and it appear like this when i oppend it

now i download the new v8 and the error its still happening

Hi @toto

can you please send the file that opened wrong in Word (some messages above) to

Thank you,

@jan.cosmigo I have already sent the email, sorry for not informing

@toto It did not come through. Can you please try again?

hi @jan.cosmigo i send it again :smile: