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ETA on MacOS Catalina 64 bit fix?


Jan, I love Pro Motion and am on a Mac. I also have a nice Windows pc that I game on. I just don’t want to have to work on pixel art on Windows, then get the files to my Mac for dev work. I find it sort of unacceptable for Pro Motion to be down for months with no Catalina fix, when it was announced for a year that 64bit was coming, and no apparent timeline for a speedy update. I can certainly appreciate how much work it can be but …

So please, any ETA on an update for Catalina? Is it even a high priority concern at this point?


Jan, others…

FWIW, I found that updating to CrossOver v19 ($40) on the Mac worked. CrossOver v18.x did not work and I had to upgrade to 19. You can install the latest Pro Motion Windows version and so far it seems to work pretty well.

So, this is a possible solution for people, but comes with the cost of buying CrossOver to run Windows apps on their Mac, which is ok with me. Long as it works.


@georgeb, I’m glad to read that CrossOver solved the issue for you.
I was about to buy a Mac this year, but when I read of 32-bits support being dropped I changed my mind, because I was going to work with/on many legacy application that are only available as 32-bit apps.

In the Downloads » Mac OS and Linux page it states:

Currently the software does not run under the new Mac OSX Catalina because it does not allow 32Bit software anymore! Two things are to be solved, Pro Motion must become a 64Bit application which is planned to be done with 2020. The Wine authors must create a compatible 64Bit version. They are already working hard on it.

So it looks like the real problem right now is the lack of a 64-bit version of Wine, not so much the lack of a 64-bit version of PM NG.

If my understanding is correct, when Wine x64 will be released it should also support running 32-bit apps (just like CrossOver) for it should re-introduce 32-bit drivers implemented in x64 — I’m asking confirmation for this, for when this happens I might consider again buying a Mac myself, but not before.

So, any feedback on the various ways that PM NG can be run on Catalina is much appreciated.

Question: does Catalina natively support mounting virtual machines (like VMWare Workstation Player and VirtualBox)? If a full Win OS could be mounted on the hypervisor, PMNG should be usable since Win x64 editions always support running 32-bit apps natively — after all, the x86-64 architecure is designed to support 32-bit under “legacy mode/protected” and “long mode/compatiblity”, it’s just Apple that arbitrarily decided to deny macOS users from using the full power of their hardware.

Using a VM with Win OS could be an alternative solution, although it would still require a full license for Windows (and the VM hypervisor, if macOS doesn’t provide/have a free one).


I think you could run Pro Motion / Windows apps via something like BootCamp (with Windows 10 install) or Parallels (same thing on Windows 10 install). I used to run Parallels but got tired of the bloat and how slow it was. I’ve opted for CrossOver for running random Windows apps like WinAmp or whatever.

Good luck. A Mac is a great pc, but there will be compromises if you really need lots of Windows software. If you are a heavy Windows app user it may not be worth it.

Even running Pro Motion on Crossover I’m sure it’s many times slower than on a Windows PC. I’m going to test that soon just to see, but I can feel lag in things, vs something native on a Mac. It’s just how it is. Compromises. The only thing that isn’t a lot of compromise is BootCamp.


Hi @georgeb

it’s good to hear that Crossover for Catalina also runs 32Bit Windows apps. But yet there is no ETA of 64Bit Wine for Mac, so I have to wait until this is available. I will update the information on my site to point Catalina users to CrossOver.