Exclude layer from tilemap

Is it possible to designate a layer to be excluded from the Tile Set panel?

This might seem like a strange question to Pro Motion experts, since im a n00b, but here’s my scenario -

I have one layer I’m using to draw tiles meant for export into a game engine. I’m not using Pro Motion to create level layouts/tilemaps. I’ll do that in the game engine (Godot). I just need to get the pixel art out of Pro Motion once I’ve drawn it.
The other layers in my layer stack are for reference. In the top left of my canvas I have a large 512x512 region which represents the texture I’ll feed into my game engine. I’ll crop it down to the smallest power-of-2 dimensions based on how much I’ve filled it up.
I’m creating tiles on the right side of the frame by pretending to mock up a level and test my tiles while being sure to place a copy of each new tile I do in my tile map template, which is copied to the far left of the frame, ready for PNG export.
I like to work all inside the same file as much as possible - less time spent flipping back and forth between files.

If only I could “turn off” tile mapping for specific layers.

This is planned. With some luck it’s available with 7.3 but no promise.