Export Brush as PNG

Right now, the current option to save brush is Brush>Save Brush and Brush Container > Option Menu > Save/Save As…. Currently, it only allows to be saved as a brush file.

When I try to present all the brushes, I tend to send a single image file containing all the brushes in that container. But having a lot of brushes, putting them manually into the image one by one is sometimes a pain in the ass, especially with tons of tons of brushes.

Is there going to be a future update regarding the brush where you can export as a single image file and it contains all the brushes? It might sound hard since variables are very different all the time. Have to account for the width x height pixels per brush…

Brush > Export as PNG

It might be similar to this thread but the instead of Tile Library, I am focusing on the brushes on the brush container.

Hi @chryslenne,

you already guessed that this is hard and since the brushes have different sizes and can be animated I’d claim that there is no good solution.
Would it make sense to offer a function that just exports the brushes into separate files, one file per brush slot?
What is in your brushes that you have so many?