Export transparent backgrounds images to Unity5?

Can’t seem to get it to work no matter what setting I adjust, including:

  1. adjusting transparent color for a certain color in the palette (it just exports to Unity as having that color as the background)
  2. Changing the three Background options (Transparency Pattern, Color, and Index Palette)
  3. Activating Alpha Transparency (it just adds an extra file that I can’t get Unity reads as an extra file in the animation)

Unity is a pretty common game engine to use, and this software is pretty amazing which is why I was pretty surprised to see there wasn’t a topic on this already, though I did only do a quick search on the forums.



I think I was able to solve this myself. I switched from BMPs to PNGs (way smaller size!), activated Alpha Transparency, then in Unity activated “Alpha as Transparent” in the sprite menu.

Indeed when using alpha transparency then you must use a file type that can contain alpha, such as PNG24/32 bits.

But Unity should also be able to load indexed transparent images. This is then a normal “PNG”. Then you don’t have to use alpha transparency.
So, don’t add alpha. When exporting to PNG be sure to not activate the “Flatten to background color”.