Exporting as tilemap stm yields unpredictable tile counts

I have a connected tilemap project, one as pallet of all the tiles, one for the scrolling segment, and one for the boss. There are 228 total tilea, and they all are used on all 3, however when i export a stm the hex value for the number of tiles seems change causing bugs and issues during compile.

Is there something different i need to set? It was working fine with the previous tile engine, this is my first time exporting with the new tile engine.


can you please paste a screenshot of your tile map export settings? Just to be sure that I use same options as you do when checking the issue.


Hi Jan, thanks for the quick reply.

I went to take photos of my settings and I noticed the tile set image was set to a .pmp file, and sure enough that was the issue. After changing that to “Default tile set” it worked as it had before the engine change.

Thanks again for the quick response, and the great tools!

I see. Yes, in this case the selected project defines the tile set layout and if you select a level or something there then you will have weird results.