• jan@cosmigo.com

Extend layer name character limit

I know this is probably a rare case, and possibly nitpicky? But can we extend the character limit for layer names? Or just remove that limit entirely?


^ in this screenshot, I couldn’t type “shadow” anymore. :sweat_smile: So i have to condense my layer naming.

I tend to have long layer names when:

  • I’ll be having a gajillion layers.
  • there are duplicates w/ some modification
    • training-icon
    • training-icon-cast shadow
    • training-icon-selection
    • training-icon-selection-cast shadow
    • training-icon-outline
    • training-icon-outline-cast shadow

I just got surprised when i was trying to be articulate with my layer names that there was actually a character limit.

Anyone got any tips for efficiently naming their layers?

ok, the 50 chars limit is quite small. Will use 100 with v7.3

Oh, cool. Thanks Jan!