Exterior images

@jan.cosmigo Please, can you clarify, if this feature is still in the making? Because I really would issue a refund now, if not. I have bought this software because of the false expectation it does - can’t think of any reasons why it shouldn’t - and kept it only because your promise to implement it. I don’t need anything else from your software but to display the original, unprocessed picture in the background. I yet used the software for 24 minutes, only to see, if it is already implemented.

Take a breath, SunSailor. It’s not that serious. We’re trying to have a sensible conversation about an image editing program. I’m pretty sure your emotional outbursts aren’t helping.

“Spam”? I spend an hour writing a detailed post to help expound the problem and describe ref tracing methods for anyone it might help, while you double-post drivel in the same thread within a 30 minute window? “Spam”.

And “entitled” too huh? Says the dude throwing a public temper tantrum crying for a refund, claiming something about a promise that was never made? I feel like I’m working a retail job right now lol.

I’ll continue to argue for or against features as I please. If you don’t like my reasoned, lengthily explained dissenting opinion, that’s 100% ok - you’re welcome to respond in kind and explain your point of view in a rational manner so Pro Motion’s development can be benefitted by useful information, not more internet drama.

As a tip - next time you need to contact Jan or any user of this board directly, feel free to send them a PM. Unless of course . . . your actual intent was to call out Jan and make him look bad.

Ok Guys this sounds like this whole thing is outahand! Now before any bloodshed please lookup this program it is free and it’s what I use for referances. Not tracing REFRENCES! but you could use it for tracing as well.I’m sorry Mathias when I wrote this I was not aware of " Pureref but maybe “custom desktop logo” would help as well


Everything’s fine, boss!

Cool, thanks for the link. Looks useful. I think it has some overlap with what pureref does but may be better suited in some situations. These days there’s so many software choices it gets time consuming to figure out the right tool for the job.

Frankly speaking? I think it is feature bloat too.

I speculate that most people using PMNG long enough is already doing the workaround you provided. And you just happened to be the first guy who actually gave his time to post it in the forums. In a tutorial-ish manner even, at that. It would definitely help those who’re looking for solutions to relevant problems in the future. So, thank you for that!

@SunSailor, I’m pretty sure there is no advertisement/promise of any such anywhere in the internet of the feature you’re looking for that made you -> buy the software.
If you are a software dev, you should know that those last 2 posts you did was a highly inefficient use of syntax, energy and time to coerce your intent.

Imma flex my 10+ years exp as a soft dev here a little. I have a gen idea of how PMNG’s development situation is. You have to take in to account the weight of - number of people demanding this feature, dev time, core feature?, show stopper?, cohesion and coupling problems, etc. From there, you could determine it’s worth of priority.

My opinion? It would be really low. Even more so because there is an existing workaround already. Even more so again because you have been provided with alternative tools by our good friends here in this forum that fulfills the job you’re looking for so you could use the software’s core tools and features as intended.

So chill out. If you want a refund, you could just PM jan. And you guys can work out something from there.

Honestly though? (My opinion again) If you’ve never really used the software ever since you first posted till now, maybe you aren’t the target user for the type of work this software is made for.

It’s exactly promissed there. Sorry, I don’t have any understanding for all your feature-denying behaviour, when even the author said it’s not a big deal and he would like to add it. We did a simple feature request, which was kind of accepted and you keep tons of replys, why it shouldn’t be added - condensed to “I don’t need it”. Get your perspectives right and read the thread before posting. This is a thing between jan and me, nobody invited you into something, which isn’t your business after all!

We need a vote to have SunSailor’s username changed to “Karen”.

All in favor say aye.

@SunSailor : I’m sorry that there was/is a misunderstanding. To me “Maybe I can…” means an intent, a possibility, a notion in a sense of “I try it, but…” not a promise nor a contract. Being a German my English vocabulary is quite limited. So, sorry about that.
PM is a spare time project. Estimating anything (like release dates, contents) etc. is almost impossible. Also priorities can change over time quickly. The “releases” you have seen are “maintenance releases”, no “releases” if you know what I mean. The next “bigger” release was planned for Spring, but I doubt that this will be possible. It will glide into Summer. To much is left to be done.
Discussions about refunds should be made as private message as this is provided in this forum or by email. Does not make much sense in forum topic.
Still I want to include something like the requested feature but I also take the freedom to think about it longer and maybe combine it with other functions which can/will make the overall effort higher but results in a function set that covers a range of uses cases.

@mathias : thank you for the detailed descriptions. This is very helpful to everyone looking for information about the initial questions.

To all: Please let’s stop the fight now. Everything has been said I think. Continue to contribute more ideas for the topic “Exterior images” which can also be “Exterior Animations” :wink:

Have a nice day (or evening, 8:10 pm here in Germany)…

Karen summoned the manager! ok ok im done. no more dank memez.

Well said, cageburner and jan. Let’s keep the peace.

So @jan.cosmigo, this feature request does bring up two interesting things - anti-aliased transforms and non-indexed display.

  1. AA - Users wanting to trace a ref image would naturally want to transform it to prep for tracing. Likely needing to scale their image smaller, and maybe some rotation. Are anti-aliased transforms a viable possibility? Would probably be fine if the anti-aliasing sampling algo just used colors already available in the current palette. Would be superior to nearest neighbor anyway.

  2. Non-indexed color - How far off is PMNG from being able to display non-indexed graphics on a special layer? Of course, most of PMNG’s tools wouldn’t work on this layer. Nor would you be able to sample colors from a special non-indexed layer, just like colors created by the Display other Project layer effect.

Neither are tremendously important for PMNG, in my opinion. I’m just curious.