Extruding tiles on export

As requested, copying my steam suggestion here.

Can you consider adding an option to extrude tiles on export? Even in the Core Features video seams from non-extruded tiles are visible when character is moving. There are free tools for that, like node cli Tile Extruder by Sporadic-labs or windows gui Frame Extruder by Lawrence Gibson, but built-in option will be a nice addition.

Links for example software, good general info there:

Node cli: https://github.com/sporadic-labs/tile-extruder
Windows: https://github.com/lgibson02/FrameExtruder

The tools provide settings like margin and spacing. Are they actually required? If so, what is the technical use case? Simply adding an outer edge pixel duplication should be simple to do.

Margin and Spacing is if your tileset is with margins and spacing before extrusion. Settings let extruder “know” the exact coordinates of tiles. Extrusion is just that px of color added.

So for exporting from Pro Motion just +1 px option. Couple of times i saw variants where you can set exact number of pixels for extrusion, but idk if that’s really needed.

It’s purely just to avoid artefacts like in “Tile Map Core Features and Basic Workflow” video at 0:10 - 0:15 on blue pillars in background.

I see what you mean concerning the video. Construct is used here with its tile map features and afaik they don’t use texture rendering but real tile map rendering. So it’s either a bug or something was wrong with the tile imho.
Anyway, I understood the request and will see what I can do. Would you be willing to test it?

This actually often happens in different engines, due to how they render tiles, not only in construct. Extrusion is “easier” fix for that. Test, sure why not. It’s only one pixel. : ) How can i test it? I own PM on Steam.

With testing I meant: using it with an engine that exposes this effect strongly :slight_smile:
I will give you access to a patch once I included it.

This is really a “normal” effect in Construct? I wonder why the don’t fix this using internal extrusion functions withing the render engine. I understand that it occurs with engines that use a 3d engine for rendering, but within a pure 2d engine? :thinking: But anyway, if we can make a pill to cure it then we should do this.

Googling this problem in Construct brings threads from 5 years ago. There is apparently some “seamless” fix in it now, but i guess it isn’t perfect. And yes, I can test it with Phaser 3, it requires extrusion to work without seams.