Feature request: 'Count all colors'

So there is the very useful ‘Colors–>Count Colors Used’ feature, which I use all the time.
But is there a ‘Count all colors’ feature? I couldn’t find it. That is to say… count all color slots that are not set to black.
Sometimes I’m mixing colors up, rebalancing ranges, changing ramps by merging colors from various ramps and as I do so I move colors/ranges all around the 256 block to compare them side by side. It becomes very hard to keep track of how many colors the current color palette has. I haven’t put them all on the canvas yet so ‘Colors–>Count Colors Used’ can’t be relied on. But I might wish to stick to a certain arbitrary limit depending on my target platform.
So, being able to get a tally of used color swatches (wether they are used on the canvas or not) would be a nice feature to have.

Thank you.

Hi @DutchDimension ,

would it help to:

  1. add a display to the palette window that shows the number of selected colors
  1. add a function to select all non-black colors

This way there would be more flexibility overall, imho.
What do you think?


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Hi Jan,

I think those functions might be of use in certain scenarios. However in my case I often just want to see a number that represents how many colours I’ve got scattered around in the 256 palette block. A quick read-out to see if my color mixing/creation is within a pre-determined limit.
For example, if I’m working on an Amiga OCS picture, I’m limited to using a maximum of 32 colors (excluding Extra Half-Brite mode). So being able to see a tally somewhere of how many color slots out of the 256 slots are containing ‘non-black’ colors would be handy in this case. I hope this makes sense.

So, what we need is a a simple number of unique RGB colors within the current color palette? This would also include black (once) then.

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Hmm… yes, you’re right. That would include black. I guess to avoid confusion, it might be worth mentioning this ‘+1’ in the documentation. Or in the GUI if you’re planning to implement it in a similar way to ‘Count Colors Used’, which comes up in its own dialog window.