• jan@cosmigo.com

File I/O Interface New Bug

  • PM NG v7.2.3.1
  • Win 10 x64

@jan.cosmigo, while working on a custom File I/O plugin I’ve noticed a strange thing happening.

When Pro Motion launches and registers my plug-in (export only, no animations), it first calls the DLL function initialize() and then, immediately after, calls setFilename() passing a pointer to this file path:

"C:\Users\MY_USER_ID\Documents\Pro Motion NG\patterns\!Readme.txt"

I’ve never experienced this before the last update, so I’m wondering if it’s a bug.

Although the above call should be harmless with most plug-ins, since usually no actual file operations are carried out in setFilename() beside acknowledging that the current file has changed, this call is nevertheless confusing.