File > Load Image > Quantize Colors > Number of Colors doesn't work?

Using version When I choose Load Image, then from the Quantize Colors dialog select Number of Colors = 2, I would expect Pro Motion to reduce the loading image into just 2 colors. Yet the image loads with all the colors in the image. (I’m loading a PNG file containing 12 colors and transparency.)

To be exact, if I choose Optimized Palette, a palette is created containing all 12 colors in the image – it is not limiting it to two colors. If I choose Current Palette, the palette stays the same as whichever one is in place, but the loaded image is mapped to the entire available palette–I expected it to choose only 2 colors from the current palette.

To put it another way, the Number of Colors choice seems to have zero effect.

Thanks for the report. I just checked true color png import as you described
1 nearest colors, 2, optimized palette
–> result image had 2 colors
–> OK

2 nearest colors, 2, current palette
–> result image used the current palette but uses any color of the palette not only two
–> not OK

Can you please re-check 1. as I think this works.

Issue 2 has been fixed. Now if you select the current color palette the number of desired target colors is recognized.
Available with next public update.

Thanks! I still believe #1 above (nearest colors, optimized palette) has an issue. I’ve made a short video demonstrating me loading a PNG resulting in 12 colors rather than 2 in the optimized palette. The video link is:

The file I’m loading can be downloaded here if you want to try and replicate exactly:

I should note I love the program and am happy with my purchase.

Thank you. That helped. A little explanation…

The PNG file you load has 24Bit format but contains no more than 256 colors.

So, what happens is:
PM detects that it’s true color and opens the quantize settings dialog to ask how to reduce the colors.
This is just because we may not use more than 256 colors.

After that, PM loads the image and checks if it indeed has no more than 256 unique colors, which is the case. Now instead of using the color reduction mechanisms it just picks up all colors and puts them into the color palette, ignoring all other settings.

This is wrong. It must check then if the color count you selected is lower than the actual number of colors or if you selected “current palette”. If so, it must apply the color reduction in accordance with your settings.

Will be fixed with the next update :slight_smile:

Makes perfect sense – and explains why in other cases I did see it working correctly with “optimized palette” (in those cases I was loading in images with > 256 colors). Incidentally I exported the PNG from the sprite editor in the Construct 3 game engine. It must save as true color rather than indexed no matter the color count.

Thanks again.