File->Save for new images doesn't save the image file name to the project


I downloaded the latest version and found a small bug.
I found out that when I save to PNG via the FILE->Save Image it does prompt for new file selection, but it doesn’t save the file path to the project.
Only save-as on the same file adds the png file name to the project.

Thanks for all the great updates.

Hi @speleg,

could not duplicate this problem but what I observed was the following:

  1. create a project
  2. save as project file
  3. use “save image” to save an image file.

–> Now the project is not marked as “has changes”. That means you can close the project without a warning. If you do then the image file name is missing in the project file next time you load.
I guess this is what happened?


Hi @jan.cosmigo ,

I think this describes the problem I saw.