🎞 Fill Tool option to affect all frames

It would be incredibly useful to me if the Fill Tool could affect all frames at once.
Just like unchecking ‘Isolated Fill’ allows me to change all of one color in one layer, in one frame - if there was an additional toggle that would let me also affect all frames for the currently selected layer I wouldn’t need to manually go through the entire animation, frame by frame, and robotically update the one color in question - I could do it in one click.

I’ve found this to be a common need, in my workflow.

If my palette didn’t matter and I could just alter the color in question, that might do it, but I use a set global palette which I do not want to change because doing so will mess up the other projects using it.

If added, this option might be nested under the ‘Isolated Fill’ option in the Tool & Paint Settings > Tool tab since if ‘Isolated Fill’ is checked then of course it would be invalid to switch on a new ‘Affect All Frames’ option.

In addition to “Affect All Frames”, another new option idea in the same vein may be - “Affect All Layers”. If both options were turned on, PMNG would non-contiguously fill all of the clicked color in all layers and all frames. This would be amazing (to me).

A thought on user interface:
I might also suggest changing ‘Isolated Fill’ option’s text label to be “Non-Contiguous Fill” and if checked, THEN your Fill Tool has the power to fill all pixels of the clicked color. And the “Affect All Frames” option would be unghosted.

I think it’s ok to not arbitrarily ghost “Affect All Frames” if there’s only one frame, or also ghost “Affect All Layers” if there’s only one layer. However, both should ghost if “Non-Contiguous Fill” is unchecked.

(Affect All Frames and Affect All Layers are ghosted because Non-Contiguous Fill is OFF.)

Understood and added to my list.
You can also use Alt to fill over frames, but this does a fill operation at the position where you start filling on every frame starting with the current one. That means if at this pixel position is a different color at another frame, then this color is filled there not the one you started with.

Wow you added this to your list? Sweet.

Thanks for the reminder with the ALT key trick. That’s also useful.

Great work on the recent update, Jan. Very glad PM is alive and doing well.