Fill tool with randomized pattern from animbrush


Any way to use fill tool with random pattern from animbrush?
And in the distant future do this with random positions scale and rotation :)?

Thank you this great software! :slight_smile:


hello waltermandlebrot. Just use the die setting on brush/animbrush/ settings/random or the die icon (the singular pronoun of dice) see if that helps you out.

Hello, Thank you, I checked this again, but this mode not work with fill tool in my opinion or I dont use it well. I use fill tool with brush pattern mode.

Thank you.

Iā€™m sorry I missed the bit about you need a fill tool. sorry

No problem Sir! :slight_smile: I modified the topic title, Thank you.

Ok iā€™m on my phone away from my pc so bear with
me this post may not be perfect!
ok try this, first make a stencil that is the shape of
your filled object. So basically have your object be
just one color. Next select the stencil eyedropper tool this is the 3rd tool below the stencil tool on the color palette select it, if done correctly you should see marching ants around your selected object. next go to the brush menu and select animbrush/settings/random. next scrub in the brush until you fill the contents. to erase the selection after your done (filling) select the erase selection tool which is the first tool in below the stencil tool on the color palette. I hope this helps it may not be the route you wanted but the result is the same. Good luck.

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This is a good work around, thank you! :slight_smile:

No problem waltermandelbrot. happy to help!