Follow animation window shortcut and persistent thoughts

this starts from the need for another shortcut (canvas>follow animation playback)
i’m not sure if it is an easy thing to do since it’s a window shortcut
but hoping for sure,

it would save me a good 5mins a day,
if not more, since i normally have the animation running on the preview window
and i do my frames like that.
but sometimes i need to watch them larger so i go back and forth
(canvas window menu> follow animation playback)
a keyboard shortcut for that would be great if possible.

what would be a game changer would be to be able to have my drawn frame persisting
and the animation playing on the same window.

i understand this is really hard to do.

a possible mid-way workaround would be to have the light-table persistent
(for really short sequences) but i presume this means splitting a main engine into 2
so it might be more work than its worth… or it may be easy… i dont know…

ultimately, imagine being able to see the drawn frame and the animation at the same time,
in the same window.
oh man…
for us str8-ahead improvisers this would be the wholy grail…

anyways, this thought has followed me from when i wake up to when i sleep past 3 days,
and since my other shortcut beg went through, i figured i’d start a conversation…

what to do… we care about this shit :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I added a shortcut to toggle that option with V8 Beta 5.
Two out of three wishes granted :joy:

For the persistent display of the current frame please create a second thread and also give some insights for when this is useful. Indeed this is harder to add.

thank you indeed Jan!!! i’ll try to make my thoughts a bit more coherent and do the other thread.