Fonts Subfolders

It would be nice to allow fonts to be loaded also from subfolders inside PM’s \fonts\ folder — instead of having hundreds of fonts all in one folder, one could organize fonts by subfoldering them by some criterion; then it would be easy to remove a group of fonts by simply deleting their folder.

Even better: subfolders whose name start with an underscore could be ignored at startup. This would allow to easily exclude whole sets (subfolders) of fonts by simply renaming them.

Including/excluding fonts folders according to what one is currently working on can simplify the workflow by avoiding to show up unneeded fonts in the Text tool list of fonts — eg: fonts could be organized into subfolders by size (small, medium, and large), or by styles, and depending on what one is working-on at a given time he might wish to use only certain groups of fonts.

Currently, PM-NG looks for fonts inside the software installation path. Renaming subfolders therein located would bring up the “admin priviledges required” warning. Maybe at startup PM-NG could also scan for a \fonts\ folder in a user directory, or in Windows application data folder, etc.

The fonts folder will be moved to a different location, as well as palettes and project presets. Base path is then
c:\Users<user>\Documents\Pro Motion NG
This is done with 7.1 which I’m currently working on. Sub folder scanning can be added with this change, too.