Forum "General" Category

A community can only grow as much as their social aspect allows them. While I believe the current categories are spot-on for a practical, hands-on, approach to pixel art using PM, a “General” category could help us discuss other things related to pixel art, such as:

  • sharing your work or work which you strongly appreciate;
  • discussing different pixel art styles, workflow or animation methods;
  • dissecting the graphics behind pixel-based games;
  • promoting your project and/or searching for artists for said project.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this idea.


Yeah I can’t tell you the feeling of getting rejected by pixeljoint because my artwork was made with gradient fills. very sad it would be nice to display our rejected artwork here where other artists could enjoy it.

Your wish is my command :wink:
Please find a new category “General talk”.

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