Fractal formulas and fractal fill

This is kinda big, so I don’t expect to have it right away (if ever), but I wonder if you could add an fractal formula interpreter for flood fill tool. I’ve seen fractal formulae interpreters for Delphi in various tutorials, so you should be able to find some examples. The reason I ask for this feature is that fractals with right formula, right equation can be very beautiful (and more interesting than Mandelbrot and Julia), which makes them useful to generate various backgrounds from when you need some sort of abstract one. Or you could fill letters of your bitmap font with them and then add a bit of shading to make a nice-looking bitmap font without too much of a hassle.

Can you provide some links showing examples of how these would look like?

I tried googling “fractal fill” but I get all sorts of results, mostly relating to high res images and 3D graphics, where I guess the application you had in mind for 2D Pixel Art would be more specific.

An improved plugin interface is planned where you could add such features and contribute.