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"Frame size too large" prompt, lift this limitation?

I didn’t wanna outline manually. So the plan was to make a quick outline (Stroke FX) of the item in a different layer, flatten the effect, make a brush of it, then delete the layer, and draw it back to what I was working on.
But then I was met with this prompt:


Current Canvas size: 2400x2064 (16x16 px, 150x129 tiles)
Project type: Tilemap
PMNG ver.
Win 7 64bit

IDK if it’s possible, but can we have this limitation be removed?

here’s 2 ways to pull of what you’re attempting (I think). no manual drawing required.

Selection > Modify
make your dupe layer, create selection from alpha, selection > modify > outside, fill new selection.


Brush > Border
make dupe layer, capture entire frame as brush, brush > border > outside invert, draw brush where need be (possibly setting the brush grip if needed in order to place accurately)

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I’ve tried both methods and they are great workarounds.
Especially the 2nd one, having a shortcut for it makes it a 1-click solution, too!

Thanks Mathias!