Frame speed/Delay problem

Thank you for fixing the bug that gave me a hard time.
Unfortunately, I think I found another bug.

The specified frame value may not match the frame rate stored in the GIF.
As far as I’m guessing, when layers are added, this problem is bugged.

If there is only one layer, it will be saved normally
If there are more than one layer, the frame speed is different.

For example,
1 frame - 100 ms
2 frame - 120 ms
3 frame - 150 ms
4 frame - 200 ms

When I work like this,
If 3 to 4 frames are stored as GIFs, the frame speed must be 150 and 200 ms
But the result is 100, 120 ms.
Or it could be a completely different ms value.

I think I need your confirmation.
Thank you always.

Understood. Will check and fix.

Hi @kwak,

could not duplicate the problem with V8.0.3. Can you please check again with that version?
I created 5 frames, each having x0 ms delay where x is the frame number so they have 10, 20… 50ms.
Used “Save Animation as…” and defined frames 4-5 to be saved into a gif file.
I loaded the gif file and the frame delays where 40 and 50ms as it should be.
Maybe you are doing something different?