Freeform Brush Grab Tool bug v8

hello. I report a “Freeform Brush Grab Tool” bug that I found while using the v8.


This is what the “Freeform Brush Grab Tool” looks like when it works normally.

However, if the stencil function is turned on,
(Does not matter if the function is turned on/off.
This bug only occurs when a color is selected in the stencil window.)

“Freeform Brush Grab Tool” recognizes the area as a rectangle unconditionally.


I can turn off the stencil function and use the “Freeform Brush Grab Tool”, but I hope this bug is resolved.
thank you.

Hi @kwak,

thanks for the report. Can duplicate that problem.
Will check and fix.


Fixed with next update (8.0.3)

Thank you for the quick fix!
Thank you always, Jan!