Freehand pickup


This is the function that I used the most.
Where did it disappear?


It underneath rectangular pick up.
Use LMB hold or RMB to on the rectangular pick up button pop out the menu.

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Or you can use shortcut (Alt+B). Shortcuts are faster anyway, you just need to learn them.



The benefits of the promotionV6.5 of the freehand pickup are :
don’t need to have start point and end point meet to make a choice.
( I had to do was drag and release the mouse.)

However, promotionNG is the pickup function must meet the start point and end point, or right mouse click is required.

I want to continue using the 6.5 version pickup system. :slight_smile:


Yeah, though I see how the polygonal pickup could be useful, perhaps making polygonal pickup into its own tool?

We just need an auto close option as with the polygon fill/contours tool. Have it on my list already. Should come soon.

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